Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegetarian Rockstar

Fran Healy - by Graham Smith
"Front man and songwriter for the pioneering Britpop band Travis, Fran Healy recorded his first solo album, Wreckorder, last year with a little help from veg legend Paul McCartney. Along the way, Healy, who currently lives in Berlin with his wife, Nora, and young son, Clay, became vegetarian."

Art Director Scott Hyers, of the Vegetarian Times asked me to illustrate a Fran Healy portrait for their One-on-One interview by Rachel Dowd, in this months issue.

Above is the illustration, drawn on a paper shopping bag. I thought that was the more recycled/vegetarian paper choice. Below are a couple of quick sketchbook studies. Fountain pen and marker on sketchbook paper.

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