Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Corporate Portraits: T. Rowe Price

I illustrated three portraits for T. Rowe Price's beautifully designed (and illustrated) planLink magazine the other day. Jon Zerivitz, art directed the project, and did a great job designing the illustrations into the layout.

To begin drawing a set of corporate portraits, I ink each portrait a couple of times, looser or tighter and often at different sizes. That's the funnest part, exploring different ways to make a matched set of drawings look like individual people.

I like to emphasize the direction of the eyes and exaggerate their size a teeny bit. I illustrated all the T. Rowe Price corporate portraits looking straight at the viewer. Adjusting that detail helps these financial advisers appear more friendly, engaged and honest.

One of the strengths of the illustrated corporate portrait is the opportunity to unify a group of mismatched head shots, in a way that positively emphasizes client themes.

I'm holding them up so you can see the size I draw them. Below that are some detail shots.

Illustrated portraits in T. Rowe Price's planLink magazine: Graham Smith.
For the drawing nerds:  Hunts 513ef nib, Winsor Newton #8 round brush. Black Cat India Ink, Aquabee Super Deluxe drawing paper.

When the pen nibs are brand new, they tend to be drippy. Once the nibs get "seasoned" ink holds on a little better and you get less accidental drips. By "seasoned" I mean that the factory oil washes off, the surface gets etched, and ink starts to dry on nib, ya dig?

See More work for T. Rowe Price here.


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