Monday, January 30, 2012

Sketchbook 28

I like to make my own sketchbooks and fill them with people and places, both real and imaginary.

Sketchbook 28 got it's first drawing in October, and it's last in January. I draw in my sketchbooks everyday, so it took about 4 months to run out of pages.

Sketchbook 28 is 8.5"x11 inches when opened and has about 224 pages, not including the extra pages tipped in. I stapled it together using Neehah Environment recycled paper, regular xerox paper, lots of blue tape and used a recycled file folder for the cover.

I like to draw with pens and pencils of all kinds, but mostly I draw with my Lamy Safari fountain pen. I use a fancy ink from Japan in the pen - Carbon Platinum Ink. It is really waterproof and it doesn't clog the fountain pen. Guache, graphite, colored pencil, magic marker, cut paper, inks, and tip in's all find a place there, too.

This video shows a few (47) of the drawings from the sketchbook, but inside are also art supply lists,  typography, rants, job notes, big ideas, business cards, and assignment sketches.

If we met in person, most likely you are mentioned, or drawn, in one of my sketchbooks. If you made an impression, you are definitely in the book! I love drawing people.

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Music: Crimson and Clover: Joan Jett covers Tommy James & the Shondells © EMI Records.
Graham Smith: Sketchbook 28 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cocktail Napkin: fashion geek

"Does This Make My Antenna Look Big?"

I illustrate The Cocktail Napkin, the entertainment news feature on the last page of Miller McCune magazine, Art Directed by Craig Edwards. The tricky part of this assignment is drawing on a real cocktail napkin, no Photoshop allowed! The marker can't be too new or it bleeds, too dry and it rips the napkin. Touchy thing this napkin drawing.

This month's selected article is about high fashion clothing with cell phone receivers built into them. It's an actual thing!

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