Monday, January 7, 2013

Sony - Life Drawing Workshop - Jan 2013


I'm going to improve my drawing skills this year by taking full advantage of the models, and private art studio, Sony has so generously provided for the January 2013 Life Drawing Workshop.

Together, we can practice our drawing skills with professional models, who happily sit still, and look cool, while we figure things out.

This is a low pressure, encouraging workshop, instructed by illustrator Graham Smith, where we strive to enjoy drawing and explore, not become a slave to the process. 

Let's do a series of 20 minute drawings, every Tuesday night for the next 2 months, and practice our fundamental skills. By the end of the workshop, we will have a new collection of 152  life drawings each!

The Plan: Short pose warm ups, graduating to 20 minute figure studies.

Enrollment: This workshop is private, open only to artists and animators currently working at SCEA or SOE.

See you on January 15th!
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