Thursday, November 6, 2008

Improper illustrations

Juliana Hatfield - musician

I worked with Katie Noble and George Restrepo illustrating 5 pieces for The Fall Arts Preview in The Improper Bostonian. This was a really fun job because I got to illustrate other artists, musicians, actresses, and writers. Since these pieces were to hit the stands right at the peak of fall, I decided to use brighter and more vibrant colors than usual.

Simon Rich - author of "Free Range Chickens" and writer for SNL.

Since Simon is quite young and his book has chickens in the title, I couldn't resist placing him in a little egg. Even though the final illustrations would print small, the size of the original ink drawing is much bigger. 11" x 14".

Anne Kauffman - writer of the "The Communist Dracula Pageant"

Annette Benning and Meg Ryan in "The Women" by Diane English

Tara Donovan, Artist.

I was amazed by Tara Donovan's work. She takes everyday items and transforms them into epic items and landscapes. One of the great things about being an illustrator is doing the research on the people I draw and learning things not usually in my scope.

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