Friday, April 24, 2009

Life Drawing Workshop - Angela

Angela Terracotta. 18" x 24" on 50 lb Canson in colored pencil.

Angela debuted for this weeks Life Drawing Workshop. We start off with two minute warm up drawings, then the model takes one long pose, broken into 20 minute segments, for the rest of the night.

I create a new drawing during each segment, often experimenting with different media. This time, I experimented with those big rectangular blocks of graphite. I think I love them! Big and flat on one side, and pointy on the corners, it's like using a brush, except it's graphite!

The graphite drawing are below, 2 minute drawings first, then the 20 minute studies.


Hattermad said...

I dig those Caran D Ache slabs o' graphite. Even carry a piece of wire mesh to grate some graphite down to brush around w/ an old hog bristle round.

Graham Smith said...

Your wire mesh/graphite powder tip is a great idea. I'll try it!

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