Monday, September 14, 2009

Sketchy weekend


Friday night, I drove up to Studio Second Street, in Encinitas, for the monthly Sketchbook Jam - hosted by artistic superstars, Vanessa and Ron Lemen. Participants take turns on the modeling stand, while everyone else eats cookies, draws in their sketchbook and listens to wonderful music.

The studio was packed. Vanessa handed me a folding chair and I squeezed in between artists, ball point pen in hand, Moleskine 5 x 8.

If you visit the Studio Second Street Blog, you can see an over the shoulder photo of me, drawing Ron Lemen on the eve of his birthday, taken by his lovely and talented wife, Vanessa.


Robert said...

This is dope homie! love the contrast of ballpt. pen colors

Davis Chino said...

Great stuff! I really like the way you get the ballpoint working between outlines and cross-hatching here, and the stylized captions. Great garage and dogs, too. Thanks for sharing!

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