Friday, January 22, 2010

Draw Big, Fast and Free

Meegin - 18 x 24 colored pencil - Graham Smith

I was invited by Joe Shoopak, the Director of Artistic Development, to teach a series of Life Drawing Workshops at Sony Online Entertainment. The Workshop is open only to their artists and animators. We draw once a week, in 2 month cycles throughout the year.

It is amazing the contrast, that these artists, experts in the most advanced software, working at the highest technical level are interested in drawing from life with traditional materials.

You can't get more high tech than computer rendered video games, and you can't get any more basic than charcoal. Even with a 21 inch Cintiq on their desk, these artists are eager to draw with a burnt stick. Figure that.

Meegin - 18 x 24 colored pencil

Meegin was drawn at the Life Drawing Workshop at Art Institute on Wednesday night. I attend for fun and practice, and because I talk too much during the class I teach.

Below are some 3-5 minute demo drawings of Sivitri done during the first Workshop this week at Sony. This weeks lesson: Draw big, fast and free.

Sivitri 18 x 24, graphite


Khoa Le said...

i love these bottom ones graham! you'd like these:

Graham Smith said...

Wow, you're right. Those drawing are great. Very succinctly drawn. Thanks.

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