Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life Drawing - Robert

Robert sat for a 2 hour pose at last nights Life Drawing Workshop. I used a range of brown colored pencils for this drawing, Indian Red, Light Brown and Terracotta on 18 x 24, 100 lb Strathmore.

I sharpen a giant fistful of each color before I start drawing, that way I don't waste any time sharpening them while the model is posing. 18 x 24 is a lot of ground to cover with a small pencil, so they get used up very quickly, especially on a toothy drawing paper.

Robert (detail) by Graham Smith
Robert (detail) by Graham Smith

Before I start a more serious drawing, I have to get warmed up. Usually, 10 x 2 minute poses, drawn briskly, and with energy gets me loosened up and starting to see. For the quick warm up drawings of Robert, below, I draw with a graphite stick about the size of a thumbdrive on 18 x 24, Canson "Biggie" Sketch paper.

I like the graphite sticks for the wide ranging vocabulary of marks it can make, sharp thin lines, thick chunky lines, soft smooth tones. What's nice is you can do all this without stopping to sharpen the graphite stick, it smudges less than charcoal, and the tip won't break off if you draw vigorously, like I do.

Quick sketches by Graham Smith

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