Friday, September 17, 2010

Sketchbook Jam - September

The second Friday of every month is the Sketchbook Jam, held at Studio 2nd Street in Encinitas, California. This month it coincided with Ron Lemen's birthday, one of the studio's proprietors. The place was packed with artists, friends and well wishers, and we all began to draw right away.

Before the place got too crazy, I drew Kathy McCord, a children's book illustrator and new friend. Participants of the Sketchbook Jam take turns posing on the model stand for one another. Posing (and holding still) for 20 minutes really provides an appreciation for the difficult job models do for us.

I drew Kathy in my recycled paper sketchbook, the one I made from old paper grocery bags a while back. Indian Red colored pencil and white charcoal pencil on brown paper.

The lovely and talented art student, June was the first person brave enough to jump on the modeling stand that night. She wore a top hat in honor of Ron Lemen's birthday, illustrating his current "wearing many hats" lifestyle. I forgot mine that night. Doh!

Black colored pencil and white charcoal pencil on old brown paper.

 A guy with a giant beard, Victoria Bearden, Vanessa and Ron Lemen (back to back) and June enjoying a wonderful Southern California night.


Sakrai said...

Hello Graham, I've just recently found your work while browsing through and they are simply amazing, I cannot praise them enough, your illustrations are so full of life and your pen work is truly inspirational for me.

I wish you the best,


Graham Smith said...


It means so much to receive such a nice comment about my work. Thank you. It is very encouraging.

Graham Smith

Cristina - the said...

OK, #100 right here!
You have beautiful works posted here, Graham.

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