Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life Drawing Workshop: Ian as Pan

Ian as Pan 18 x 24. Graham Smith

I upgraded to a heavyweight 100lb Strathmore drawing paper for this weeks 2 hour pose at the Wednesday night Life Drawing Workshop. The paper was prepared by drybrushing the Raw Sienna acrylic paint wash over the paper beforehand.

The drawing was done primarily in Burnt Ochre colored pencil, with Scarlet Red pencil and White charcoal details. Erasing the colored pencil without leaving a ghost mark or smearing, is now possible with this paper preparation. yay.

Ian as Pan (Detail) Graham Smith
I do my life drawings all old school. But some of the guys rock laptops with Wacom tablets and do digital life drawing. Here is digital painting of the same pose, by Dzu Nguyen, the organizer of the Life Drawing Workshop.

Afterwards we all went out for noodles.

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