Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

This was way back, waaaaay back in the day... I'm remembering our very first Apple computer. We were little kids when dad brought home an Apple IIe. It looked like a typewriter that connected to the TV through two antenna wires. Personal computing was just invented. There it was, pure magic on the dining room table.

Fast forward to tonight. Steve Jobs is suddenly gone. I'm standing in a room full of artists at Sketchbook Sessions. I had to draw a picture of him as a tribute. He's the man. The other artists drew him too. Respect, yo.

The drawing was photographed, the exposure adjusted and uploaded to Facebook - all from my tiny iPhone. With my left thumb. Magic! We've come a long way together, Steve. Woz too.  I needed a whole studio worth of gear to do that, just a few years ago. Thanks, Steve.

RIP Steve Jobs.   1955 - 2011   Graham Smith
So, what was your first Apple Computer?

My first Mac was a Quadra 700. It had an external 640 meg hard drive, a 19 inch monitor and the biggest Wacom tablet you could get. A  44 meg Syquest drive transported art files from my studio in Brooklyn to the printer in Manhattan. This was a badass system back in the day. It cost $12,000! Worth every penny.

Over the years I've loved using the computers Steve Jobs developed at Apple Computer as tools to create art and run my business. I bought lots of them.

Apple IIe

Quadra 700
540c "Blackbird" Laptop
8500AV <------it's hard to play favorites, but...

iMac classic - Bondi Blue
G3 Tower

G4 Sawtooth
G5 Dual 2 GHz PowerPC
Macbook Pro 15
Mac Book 13
Cinema Display 23

iPod shuffle - 1st gen
iPod 10 gig - 3rd gen
iTouch - 1st gen
iPhone 3GS
(pre-order) iPhone 4S

Sketchbook 27. RIP Steven Jobs. Fountain pen and magic marker.  5.5"x8.5" Graham Smith


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