Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Drawing Workshop: Rouge, Rhythm and Flow

Rouge rocked the short and poses using wings, sheer fabric and a giant sword at the Life Drawing Workshop I teach at Sony Online Entertainment

To capture this winged angel's strength and beauty in these short pose demo drawings, I decided to emphasize the rhythm and flow of the pose.

I think a lot about how one form flows into the next, allowing me to simplify many complex shapes into one simple shape - emphasizing the gesture, not all the little details.

I like to look for shapes that rhyme visually, shapes that have similar features that repeat, and use them to create a rhythm in the drawing. The repetition of strokes or repetition of shapes creates organization and structure in a drawing.

To create a rich drawing vocabulary, you can contrast one rhythm structure against another to emphasize the illusion of space - just as contrasting light against dark creates the illusion of space.

Rouge the Winged Angel: drawings by Graham Smith. 18 x 24 inch Strathmore Sketch and Strathmore Premium Recycled paper. General's graphite stick 6b and colored pencils.


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