Monday, July 9, 2012

Internet in Your Eyeball

If you saw the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, or the promo video for "Google Glasses" you are familiar with the concept behind augmented reality and "the bionic contact lens". One day, medical conditions may be monitored directly, in real time, non-intrusively through the eye, using the bionic contact lens to measure sugar levels, or hormone changes.

Or perhaps the word Facebook will become literal, as internet access will be embedded directly in your eyeball!

Babak Parviz is the genius, nanotechnologist, who is in the process of developing this amazing new technology. I was lucky to illustrate his portrait for the new research magazine PACIFIC STANDARD - designed and Art Directed by Craig Edwards, article by Vince Beiser

The parts are so tiny, they are designed to self assemble using amino acids as attractors, or something like that. Read the article.

Learning about cool stuff like this is one of the best parts about being an illustrator!

I illustrated tiny little portraits of the Publisher of PACIFIC STANDARD, Steven Ainsley, and the Editor, Maria Streshinsky. See the nano-portraits on the Letter From The Editor page each month!

editor: Maria Streshinsky
publisher: Steven Ainsley


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