Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Graham Project: Featurette

The Graham Project: Featurette from Graham Smith on Vimeo.

"The guys from Filmtone stopped by the old studio a while back, asking questions about sketchbooks and the artists process, for their video, The Graham Project.

I was working on Sketchbook 30 when this was filmed, having started the sketchbook project a few years earlier.

During the interview, I suddenly realize the importance of the fourth dimension, time, to the sketchbook project. Each sketchbook encapsulates the current events, and the minutia of the day, and over time, a journey.  Below are a few images. 

For the art nerds: The paper I used to make Sketchbook 30 is Neenah Environment Paper. It is recycled, and great to draw or paint on. Click the link. They give free samples!


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