Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grace Hightower Di Nero

I'll never forget thinking, if this portrait of Grace Hightower, for Worth Magazine doesn't come out right, I could get whacked! Not only is Grace Hightower drop dead gorgeous and fun to draw, she is a socialite, a philanthropist, and is married to the actor, Robert Di Nero. I illustrated 2 versions, just to be on the safe side.

"Are you looking at me?" 

"Ummm, I was looking at your wife.... Oh! That's worse, isn't it?"

For the art nerds:  These ink portraits are illustrated at about twice the size they print. I use an old school quill pen, with a #99 nib and a EF 513 nib, a generals non repro blue pencil. Sometimes I fill in details with my trusty Lamy Safari fountain pen. The india ink I use is general purpose stuff, nothing fancy. If I remember correctly, these were drawn on Strathmore drawing paper, which has a bit of a yellowish tone that must be color corrected in Photoshop.


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