Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blue Moon Brewery - Expressionist Collection Video

I stuffed a suitcase full of drawings, and art supplies, then flew to Denver to film a video for Blue Moon.

Blue Moon's wanted to showcase the label illustration process, and asked me to develop a storyboard for a 30 second video spot using the process art from the Expressionist Collection label illustrations.

Then,I was asked be the hand that draws the labels on screen! That's a total bucket list item, so I said yes right away.  It is exciting to be part of any production. Doubly so, working on both sides of the camera!

Below are some of the storyboards I photographed in my studio, and some behind the scenes photos of the shoot in  Denver - where they built a replica of my studio, and filled it with lights, and cameras. See the storyboards taped to the wall in one of the behind the scenes photos?

My actual brushes, pens and pencils were used in the spot, you can even see my Sketchbook (#30 and 32) peeking into frame. And yes, we used the original label illustrations, sketches and comps, too. I lugged it all across the Rocky Mountains in a giant orange suitcase.

Shooting a video spot sounds pretty fancy, but in actuality, I stood at a desk drawing beer labels for 10 hours, while a time lapse camera clicked away. Futuristic Films, the production company, used a Canon 5D for the time lapse sequences. The real time sequences, and product shot, were filmed with an Epic Red, by Director Bill Timmer.

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