Friday, May 22, 2015

Making Monsters (day 2) trailer

Making Monsters day 2 from Graham Smith on Vimeo.

2 super talented sculptors from San Diego are making a full body, special fx, horror creature suit in their garage studio, and asked me to film the process. I cut this 34 second trailer from one of the episodes, so you can see what artists do when they're let out their cages.

These guys started with 150 pounds of clay, in 12 boxes, and worked very, very quickly. The sculptors, Jason Hite and Jonathan Fuller are about 9 hours into their work in this trailer, and are already beginning to define details.

Day 1 was the "rough in" phase. Day 2 began the refinement, and next time, I think they're going to sculpt the head! Looking forwards to showing you all the steps in this epic project. Better go charge my camera battery.  :)

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