Wednesday, June 3, 2009

32 Portraits for The Advocate


Graham Smith illustrated 32 portraits for this months Double Issue of The Advocate // Stonewall 40th Anniversary.

Read the article and view the illustrations online at The Advocate.

Art Director Craig Edwards called with this epic assignment to illustrate 32 Pioneers who never knew a time before Stonewall, for their 40 Forty Under 40 feature. The catch was, all 32 portraits had to be completed in 11 days. Yikes! That's 3 finished illustrations per day, quite a fun challenge.

The Advocate Magazine next to original inking of Rebecca walker.

I drew all 32 portraits in an 11" x 14" Strathmore sketchbook with 60 lb paper.

First, I sketch the portrait using light blue pencil, striving to capture a likeness and map out the drawing. This initial sketch is the most difficult and time consuming step.

To finish, I draw with Pelikan ink using a Hunt 513EF nib and a #8 brush, right over the top of the pencil sketch, leaving the blue underdrawing visible in the final art.

Inking the final illustration is the fun part. Since all the major decisions were made in the sketch phase, I can simply free skate with the pen on top of the sketch, interpreting the line work and textures as I go.

I you would like to purchase a Giclee Print of these portraits, please drop me a note.

View more of this project: Graham Smith Illustration website.


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