Friday, June 19, 2009

ESPN Fantasy Football illustration


I love drawing sports hero's, so when Ed Mann of ESPN commissioned an illustration of Jason Witten, of the Dallas Cowboy's, I was thrilled.

When the package of ESPN Fantasy Football magazines showed up at the studio yesterday, I nodded my head and thought, hey, Ed remembered to send them. Upon discovering a handwritten thank you note inside, I decided Art Director Ed Mann was first class all the way.

Below is the magazine, the pencil sketch, color comp plus the original inking that lead up to the final illustration.

The printed illustration over the sketch and inking.

color comp
Art Director's note: Use Dallas Cowboy's colors
and make sure we see the Star on his helmet

pencil sketch

Pencil portrait of Jason Witten

1 comment:

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Nice. I was this in print the other day. Lot of nice art commissioned for that issue!

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