Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon

Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon. Illustration: Graham Smith
 "Featuring a cutting-edge design and compact format and printed on paper typically reserved for books, Worth magazine is geared to be an elegant, practical and portable resource for dynamic CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors.

Art Director, Dean Sebring sent me Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon, to draw for the Twenty Questions feature I illustrate for each issue of Worth magazine. This is the second in the series. Howard Schultz is the first.

I really like the ring of this guy's title. Tycoon. That just sounds bad-ass.

Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon. Detail. Illustration: Graham Smith

It's impossible not to notice that Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon, has a perfect hair-do and impeccable taste in suits. He looks dazzling. Naturally, I selected the more delicate and flexible, Hunt's 99 nib to draw him with. I knew he'd appreciate the difference.

When drawing slowly and carefully, I can draw with the thin, pointy nib just fine, without piercing the paper or bending the tip. I used the Hunt's Speedball 99 nib and a light touch to draw his face and hair.

When drawing faster and more expressively, or more specifically, when I want to push the pen forward and scrape it sideways (not just drag it backwards) I draw with a Hunt 513 EF nib. The 513 is big and steel, so it's tough and less springy than the 99, but it has a little foot, called a "something or other", that allows one to push the pen forwards on the paper without digging a little hole in it.

I used the Hunt's Speedball 513 EF nib to draw his shirt and the jacket.

If you can spot the line quality differences, you too, are a pen nib connoisseur. Just like Aby Rosen - Real Estate Tycoon.

- G

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