Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Drawing Workshop: muscular male

John Bruno seated: Graham Smith
It's fun drawing the muscular male. Figuring out all that geometry while keeping a natural gesture is the trick. It's easy to get caught up in all the details and lose track of the drawing as a whole. That's why short poses practice is so helpful.

To give your drawings a natural flow, first capture the pose's gesture, then conform the muscle geometry to the gesture drawing.

Robert: twist and lean
Robert: seated in chair
Robert: thinking deeply
Ian: lunging sword
Ian: resting sword 2
Ian: kneeling sword 3
Ian: sit with sword
Sherman: double block
Sherman: twist
Sherman: crawl
Sherman: meditates

These drawings are 18" x 24" on 50lb Strathmore sketch paper and were created with 6B graphite stick or colored pencils, as demo's at the Sony Life Drawing Workshop. The color drawing of John Bruno was done at the San Diego Life Drawing Meetup Group long pose session. Colored pencil over raw sienna acrylic wash.


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