Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dude Abides

If asked to draw the Dude, one abides.

When Art Director Craig Edwards at Miller-McCune, asked me to draw illustrate Jeff Bridges as "the Dude" from the cult classic The Big Lebowski, I put on my bowling shirt, opened a sassparilla and began to draw the scene where the Dude talks to the Cowboy in the bowling alley.

Using a #8 round brush, I inked this one at about double the print size. But, I got startled and dripped ink on my drawing when two guys suddenly busted into my studio. They demanded money and urinated on the rug! I had to Photoshop the drip marks off my illustration. Nothing could save the rug. Afterwards, I painted a nice chalky blue around the Dude's portrait. It kind of tied the whole illustration together.

Deconstructing "the Dude" for Miller-McCune magazine. AD: Craig Edwards. Illustration: Graham Smith

- G

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