Monday, August 18, 2008

Runner's World

Joel Klock: Wear Tester for Runner's World

I illustrated these portrait's for the newly re-designed issue of Runner's World Magazine.

Art Director Marc Kauffman asked me if I had time to draw 3 portraits for The Fall Shoe Guide, the next day he called again, said there were now 4 portraits and asked if I wanted to "bat cleanup". I wasn't sure what it that meant, but I said yes anyways. I finished out the week illustrating 13 teensy spots of people's feet in different stages of running, in addition to the portraits.

When the issue came out I saw what "bat cleanup" meant. My teensy weensie illustrations on one page, right next to fellow illustrator Mark Matcho's full page spread, full pager and 2 quarter pagers.

My portraits printed at 1 5/8 " tall, it was a challenge to make the drawing read at that size.

Ms. Dye: Wear Tester for Runner's World

I sketched the portraits in my small 7 x 10 sketchbook with colored pencils. On these little portraits, I ink right over the top of the sketches, using a lightbox, making corrections as I go.

If you compare the sketches with the final illustrations, you can see how I'll move the eyes up and over, or change the line work, using the sketch as a rough guide.

Brian DeRath: Wear Tester for Runner's World

Erin Maloney: Wear Tester for Runner's World

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