Simple portraits drawn with ink over a pencil drawing, illustrated by Graham Smith. 

Clients: J.P Morgan Chase, The Advocate, Philadelphia Magazine, Worth magazine, Runner's World, T. Rowe Price, and PLANSPONSOR.

Copyright © 2009-2014 Graham Smith - All Rights Reserved.


Rodney Dollah said...

Great stuff man. Need a printed book or an ashcan (sketchbook) of your work ;)

Graham Smith said...

Thanks Rodney! I'm working on a book right now. What would you like to see in it?

Rodney Dollah said...

Your most welcome.

It would be cool to have the book broken up into four sections. One being dedicated to lead work another ink and the third color. And finally going out with a bang would be the last section dedicated to a mishmash of all experiment works.

Let me know when it's done. I'll take a copy :)

Graham Smith said...


That is fantastic advice. Thank you, Sir! I just started working with Alberto Ruiz on this project - this book thing is a whole new game for me.

Rodney Dollah said...

Your welcome :)

Your in good hands, I've known Al for a long time and he lives and breathes art.

Man putting together a book is a huge job, what you see at hand is not what you get off the press sometimes...

It's a good learning experience and may help out in the growth of your future art work. Sometimes technical stuff could be fun :)

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