Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Restaurant Sketchbook

Coffee at Conrad's Diner in Glendale.
A while back, I started a new Moleskine sketchbook and decided it should have a theme. Since drawing and eating are two of my favortite things, I decided to fill the Moleskine with drawings done in solely in restaurants. That's it, above, with the coffee drawing. The Restaurant Sketchbook.

If you have gone out to eat with me and wondered, this is a collection of what I was scribbling in my sketchbook, while stuffing my face...

Pizza Port: Highway 101, California.
China Max: Dim Sum
A giant "Pho Warehouse" in Orange County.
Dim Sum on the Patio
Waiting for a table at Toshi.
Sake and seaweed salad at Toshi
Seared Ahi, green tea and sushi at Wa.
Dawn drinks tea at Thai /Chinese Cuisine.
Teresa and Andrei at Saigon City for Pho
Kitchen: I do have one.
Throw down at China Max
A very late night sketch: Conrad's
You can get anything at this diner - 24 hours a day.
Pho Hut in Glendale
Cotija's in Santee - picking up Menudo for Vinnie.
Tajima: We'd hit this place for spicy noodles after life drawing.
Picasso's for tapas: Hillcrest, San Diego.
Dawn preps a Thanksgiving feast while I draw.
Tofu House: brings you hot tea in a can!
Saigon Star for BBQ pork chops and rice.
Cafe Venti: Drawsome! Sketchbook Sessions
Sushi Roku in Santa Monica.
Another China Max throw down!
Cafe Venti: Drawsome! Sketchbook Sessions
Cafe Venti: Drawsome! Sketchbook Sessions
Cafe Venti: Drawsome! Sketchbook Sessions

It's fun looking through the old sketchbooks at the drawings, seeing what we ate, who sat at the table, what it looked like and remembering. I just noticed there are a bunch of places I eat at all the time, but never seemed to draw... too busy eating! I'll bring my sketchbook next time.



Unknown said...

Such fun!

Unknown said...

Love this! I wonder if you did them there or took a picture and did them later?

Graham Smith said...

Thank you. All the little restaurant drawing were done on the spot, while eating and talking with friends. You gotta draw fast, and be willing to let the table be rearranged while drawing.

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