Friday, January 16, 2009

Recreational Multitasking

Katie Noble from The Improper Bostonian asked me to illustrate the Camped Out feature for this months Heath and Beauty issue of the magazine.

The article encourages us to "Go south this winter to learn a sport - from golf to surfing to yoga - at one of seven fitness camps. It's recreational multitasking. You'll put your hard-earned money to good use, coming home with a tan and a hobby."

Art Director George Restrepo allows me to experiment while illustrating, making things fun and easy. He designed a great layout for this feature. Here are a few shots of the illustrations and layout of the magazine.

Cinthia: 15 minute drawings

Cinthia modeled at The Ubiquitous Bee studio last night. There was one long reclining pose, I moved around the model every 15 minutes to draw a new perspective.

Black colored pencil on 11" x 14" Strathmore.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bank Director portrait

The guys over at Robertson Design design Bank Director magazine; which, I guess, is about the smart people that direct banks. Art director Clayton Robertson asked me to illustrate a full page portrait of Jay Sidhu, someone quite famous if you are into Banking.

I was more than pleased to draw this portrait, and to work with the Robertson Design guys. They must be pretty cool over there, because my pencil and ink studies don't look much like the final illustration. The studies are mostly for my benefit, so I can find the balance between the likeness and spontaneous drawing.

Jay Sidhu pencil study.

quick pen sketch
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