Monday, September 15, 2008

Paste Punk Rocker

Jose Reyes the Art Director of Paste Magazine and founder of Metaleap Design asked me to illustrate a cover for their International Issue - Redefining World Music. This was our first job together and since this assignment we have worked on a few more pieces together. I'll post them later.

I was asked to draw a Chinese Punk Rocker as the issue would hit the newstands in time for the Olympic Games, hosted in China. As it turns out, Punk Rock is a growing thing in China. Chinese officials are allowing it, even though it is a form of protest normally frowned upon. Music and culture is one of the few things America is exporting that other countries want. This infusion of cultures is what is "Redefining World Music".

This is what the printed cover looks like next to the original drawing and inking.

Technical details: I drew this using an old school #2 pencil on 11" x 14", 100 lb Strathmore paper. I inked one size up on 14" x 17" smooth bristol paper with Sumi ink and a Speedball 513 nib. Jose sent me Photoshop templates of the magazine cover, with the title, headlines, cutlines and all that, already in place. I just drew into whatever space was left.

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