Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Drawing Workshop: experiments on washed paper

Ian struck a slouchy, laid back pose at the life drawing workshop Meetup last night.

Afterwards, we all hit a new noodle shop in Mission Hills, San Diego. Izakaya Masa. We coudn't get to that little hole-in-the-wall fast enough after the workshop, we were all starving! All the artists were delighted to learn they use the old school, wavy style noodles in a super delicious pork broth. Oh yeah. Had to get the deep fried squid and chicken with spicy mayo too.

Sherman (the Shermanator) posed for the Life Drawing Workshop I host at Sony. Between helping the artists refine their drawings, I was able to chisel out a drawing of my own. "The Shermanator" got his name from his amazing ability to stand perfectly, absolutely still.

Lizz is one of the top life drawings models in the San Diego and always a crowd favorite to draw. I'd like to note, her feet are not actually gigantic, I just draw them that way. Also, she has a real left hand, not a catchers mitt as indicated in the drawing. That night, it was all about the spicy squid. The best place to get spicy squid, especially late at night, is China Max. Actually, all the food is great there.

We drew Cadi at the Life Drawing Workshop Meetup, at Art Institute a few Wednesday's back. I laid the drawing out quickly, in the first 20 minutes. When the pose reset for the next 20 minutes, the models chair slid off the stage, scaring everyone in the room. Mostly Cadi. (Not hurt. All cool.) Later that night, we all went out for Japanese noodles at Tajima.

I learned it's better to start your drawing over, than try to fix a slightly moved pose. Annnd, don't put the models chair near the edge of the stage. It's considered "very bad luck" if you damage the models!

Terracotta, scarlet red, burnt umber, indian red, delta blue and white charcoal pencils on 18 x 24 inch, 80 pound Strathmore Premium Recycled drawing paper, with a raw sienna acrylic wash.

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