Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dr. Wright Lassiter cover portrait

Dr.Wright Lassiter for HealthLeader's magazine by Graham Smith
 Sometimes you just get lucky. Art Director Doug Ponte assigned me a famous Doctor to draw. It turns out, he looks like a rock star! Thank you, illustration gods.

Illustrating portraits is so much easier when the subject has a great face - and Dr. Wright Lassiter has a really great face to draw. The HealthLeaders magazine cover article probably won't mention that. I think, Dr. Wright Lassiter is famous for building and administering next generation hospitals. All I know is I could keep drawing this guy forever!

Detail: Dr. Wright Lassiter
The fat lines are made with a #8 round brush and the skinny lines are quill pen - the kind you dip in ink. The background textures are India ink, rolled onto paper with a brayer.

I drew the sketch at about 150% of print size, on Strathmore 50lb sketch paper with an ebony pencil. Drawing geeks like to know that kind of stuff.

Anyways, this guy was so fun to draw, I hope he gets even more famous, so I can draw him again.

Detail: pencil sketch of Wright Lassiter by Graham Smith
Pencil sketch of Wright Lassiter : Graham Smith
 Dr. Wright Lassiter looks so good, all I had to do was leave room at the top for the name of the magazine!


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