Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School Lunch Savior

Aimie Hamlin - for Vegetarian Times : Graham Smith
Aimie Hamlin is improving school lunch. As the executive director of the New York Coalition for Heathy School Food, Aimie has been able to get State Legislators to pass a resolution to add one plant based entree per week to school lunch programs. Vegetarian lunches for the kids! Now, healthy animal lovers will have a bit of choice, besides fried food, pizza and soda.

Currently, the organization is working with 13 schools in NYC, and 9 in Ithica, NY. There's a waiting list, yo! Evidently, lots of people see value in improving the nations eating patterns.

Art Director, Scott Hyers of the Vegetarian Times assigned this portrait. I illustrated it in pen and ink, and a # 8 round brush. The background textures are an acrylic paint monoprint, created with a brayer, and digitally colored.

I illustrated a second version of the portrait using warmer colors - each drawing turns out slightly differently, I love drawing them, and magazines like choices!

Aimie Hamlin - for Vegetarian Times : Graham Smith


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