Friday, June 19, 2015

Pass the Journal - the drawing process

A really nice sketchbook mysteriously appeared at my studio with a note that invited me to "create art" for the Wyeth Sketchbook in the Pass the Journal project by Strathmore. I decide to dive in, and film the process of drawing a creature called, "The Bird Feeder".

Here's the note, some photos of the drawing, and behind the scenes videos of the whole thing.

"Strathmore is sending artists from around the globe on a mission to fill the pages of our art journals! We have sent 12 of our 500 Series Mixed Media Hardbound Art Journals to different artists to kick off Pass the Journal. Each artist who receives a book is to fill a page with their artwork, upload their artwork and artist profile to this site, and pass it on to another artist to continue the cycle." - Strathmore

This piece is called The Bird Feeder. It's a graphite pencil drawing by illustrator Graham Smith, drawn on Strathmore 500, mixed media paper, created for the Pass the Journal project by Strathmore. 11"x17".

Once the drawing was finished, sprayed with fixative and dried,  it was time for me to Pass the Journal along to the next artist. I know a zillion artists, so it was hard to choose. But I wanted the book to go to a real sketchbook lover. So, I sent it to illustrator, and creative sketchbook master, Daniel Baxter. You are going to love his work.

The last question remains... is this grotesquely elegant god more likely to feed the birds, or eat them himself? Is he good or bad, or is he like us.... full of both beauty and terror?

Thoughts on Symbols: The Hopi Indians believed hummingbirds intervened with the gods on behalf of humans, asking the gods for rain. The indigenous peoples of Trinidad believed hummingbirds were the spirits of their ancestors, and should never be harmed. The tiger lily flower represents the feminine principle, reflecting the qualities of mercy, compassion, kindness and unconditional love. The brown freckles on the flower's petals allude to the concept of always being in touch with one's creativity.

Pencils: Uni, Staedtler, Dixon Ticonderoga, Derwent, 4h, 2h, h, hb, f, 2b, 6b Erasers: Mars Plastic, kneaded, and Tuff Stick. Paper: Strathmore 500, Mixed Media, 90 lb. Vellum finish.

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