Monday, March 7, 2016

Sketchbook Fury - EP 1 - Mojo Your Dojo

Sketchbook Fury - Mojo Your Dojo (episode 1) from Graham Smith on Vimeo.

Art & film Graham Smith

Strathmore Sketchbooks 300 Series Sketch
400 Series Toned Tan
400 Series Mixed Media
& many more

camera & edit Graham Smith
camera 2 Andrei Booriakin


         Logjam - Podington Bear
         Interlude - Tickle
         Big Mojo - Kevin Macleod
         Part VI -  Jazzer
         Pink Fish Signs - GeeNerve
         Early Riser - Kevin Macleod

 Music: Creative Commons CCx4 2016   

Video: Copyright © Graham Smith 2016 


christini yogini said...

This is so inspiring, thank you for this class! I'm off to mojo my dojo!

Graham Smith said...

Thank you! Happy sketchbooking!

Monica said...

One of the very best classes if not the best that Strathmore has produced. A view into what is and makes an artist. Hard work and continuous practice. Thanks

Unknown said...

Graham, thanks for being the inspiration for the next episode of my ever-twisting life - great tips to start but oh so wish you were in Australia and giving classes! Jo

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