Monday, March 18, 2013

Expressionist Collection by Blue Moon

The Expressionist Collection by Blue Moon Brewing Co., just debuted at the Miller Coors Distributor Convention in Orlando, Florida. I was lucky to be their official illustrator, invited to support the new beer line, and entertain the huge crowd of people it takes to launch a new brand of beer with a drawing demonstration.

Together with the packaging designers at Trinity, the look of the Expressionist Collection brand was based on the illustrations I created for the labels, and the taste of the beer is a little edgier, too.

The illustrations handcrafted appearance, and old-time draftsmanship fit well with the ideals of Blue Moon. So, I'm proud to say, Blue Moon Brewing Co. put my drawings on the six pack, and the whole collections packaging.

Expanding on the style, I illustrated two vibrant summertime scenes of Belgium, to celebrate the Expressionist Collection's Belgian-Style Ales. One, a cityscape along a river, and another, a landscape with an old, red, wheat barn.

These drawing were big, 24" square, and will be used on everything necessary to help support the look of the Expressionist Collection, posters, TV spots, coasters, table markers... everything!

Belgian River scene
The old red farmhouse landscape

Short Straw Farm House Red 

Two Styles. One Work of Art.

Farmhouse Ales were brewed for the diligent farmhands who drew the short straw and had to work the arduous harvest. Our brewmaster’s expression blends the spiciness of a Farmhouse Ale with the tartness of a Flanders Red for a remarkably refreshing finish. Available Year-round in 12-oz. bottles, 6-pack, 12-pack, Draft

Rounder Belgian-Style Ale

A Maltier Pale Ale.

In the 1940's, Belgian-Style Pale Ales grew in popularity and were ordered by the round due to their balanced taste. Rounder, our expression of this sessionable style, is crafted with hibiscus and orange peel for a hint of spiciness and touch of wheat for a smoother, rounder taste. Available Year-round in 12-oz. bottles, 6-pack, 12-pack, Draft

Blue Moon Artists: Graham Smith, Shelly Bartek, Jim Stigall, Mishou Sanchez
Belgian River detail
Rounder - detail
Short Straw hero illustration
Short Straw - detail
Rounder label - Graham Smith
Short Straw label - Graham Smith
Graham Smith with Jim Stigall, illustrator for Blue Moons wildest beers, the Graffiti Collection!
Graham Smith, Expressionist Collection illustrator, and Shelly Bartek, the Vintage Ale illustrator.


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