Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jodi Arias - my creepiest drawing in a while

The Phoenix New Times Art Director sent me a super creepy, and dark assignment to draw the accused murderess Jodi Arias. She confessed to killing her boyfriend in a very violent way, and to make sure I got all the gory details right, the magazine sent me the coroner's report as a reference. Yikes! I just about fainted!

I guess the old newspaper saying is still true, if it bleeds, it leads. Because this is the most "blood" I've ever drawn, especially for a cover piece. I added the 27 "stab marks" in the background to add a feeling of seething emotional rage, to balance her stoic calculation. Original illustration, above.

Even so, the designers at the New Times added "a bit more blood" on the version that actually went to press. Print version below.

sketches - Graham Smith
Detail, Jodi Arias by Graham Smith

For the art nerds: Graphite pencil with ink wash, digital finish.


1 comment:

Daniel Baxter Art said...

Very powerful cover art, Graham. The grittiness suits your subject-matter perfectly!

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